I started Streamline with one focus in mind. That focus was to push my limits and that of my clients. Nothing pleases me more than my clients being able to do more than they were able to do the day before. From the everyday family person, to the elite of the elite I not only aim to please, I will help you reach fitness heights you never even thought of!

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The thrill of seeing my clients obtain their goals is why I train. With the help of a good routine, a good balanced nutrition plan and the experience of a well seasoned trainer, I promise to work hard with you so that help is easy to come by. I am here for any fitness related questions that you may have and look forward to helping you progress through your fitness goals. Thank you and God bless.


-Anthony Miller

My name is Brian Smith most know me as Smitty or Coach Smitty. My fitness journey began over 8yrs ago & little did I know, a simple decision to fast & draw closer to God would bring me to a career in the fitness industry. I once weighed 350lbs, my pants size was a 52 and I wore a 4XL shirt. At the peak of my obesity I decided to make a change in my nutrition which in turn lead to an increase in energy and the desire to become more active. It took me just over 2 years of consistency and making a lifestyle change, but I was able to loose 150lbs and get all the way down to 190lbs, I was in the best shape of my life. At the time I was a assistant general manager at Dicks Sporting Goods. I became a certified Bootcamp instructor and started teaching Bootcamps in parks throughout the The Temecula Valley, North County San Diego and San Bernardino County. During that time I also started working out at Golds Gym in Temecula, Ca & always loved sharing my story and motivating others to keep pushing towards their goals. Eventually the General Manager that sold me my membership offered me a position as a fitness counselor. After a year of weighing the decision, I took a leap of faith to leave my secure well paying job to become a fitness counselor. With a background in sales and a story to inspire others I quickly moved up the ladder and in 6 short weeks I was the General Manager of the Golds Gym in Temecula. Sales was something I was good at, it was a skill that I had studied, developed and worked on consistently. Although I was good at sales, my PASSION was to inspire others and be a part of their journey, every step of the way! So I changed departments and became an assistant Fitness director for both the Temecula & Murrieta Golds Gym/EōS locations. So it’s been 5yrs that I’ve been actively training and inspiring others in this industry developing relationships in person & online to live a healthy active lifestyle. I’m now blessed to be in this industry and look forward to what God has in store for this next chapter.


Hi there! My name is Santy, but most call me “Tee”. I am a Temecula native and I have made fitness my passion; my personal passion for myself and my passion to share it with others. My main goal is to help others find a positive and fun experience in fitness and also show others that fitness can be creative.  When you train with me, finding balance in health and lifestyle is just part of what we will do and i will be there to encourage you every step of the way.

My tattoo’s represent something special to me and my family. Koi fish in my forearm stands for courage, overcoming adversity, the ability to attain the highest goals and strong character. The dragon on my back means power, strength and luck. I invite you to share on my beliefs so that you too can find the best of yourself.

Specializing in personal and group training, sports conditioning, Spartan Run® training, free weights training and nutrition.

Veronica VC


You can be even more awesome! As a trainer with years of experience I promise to uphold the values that will help keep you fit, keep you safe and help you with accountability and follow up. I truly believe that a person can not out train a bad diet, so I want you to make a commitment to your health not just through our session but by helping you with nutrition and proper eating. I look forward to working with you! 😉



jared giordano

5th Degree Black Belt


I have won many awards in competitions in the past few years, including California State Champion 2010-14, World’s Top 10 Competitor 2010-14, Taekwondo World Champion Gold Medalist in 2014 and Black Belt of the Year Award in 2011


Weights 4 Warriors Training System by Jeff Myers ​is an unique personal training style. With over 21 years experience and 15 certifications in the fitness field, I have developed a way to use the science of anatomy to design programs for any fitness level. I specialize in life changing fitness, nutrition, training and lifestyle programs individualized to a person’s goals and needs. 10% donations for training will be given to Wounded Warrior Homes. Click on the Weights for Warriors logo for more info.

Services​ ​Offered:
● One on one personal training
● Customized diet/nutrition plans,nutrition/diet consulting
● Online program design
● 24 hour accountability




Jason Jones


Hi, I’m Jason
I am a California based Fitness Trainer with over 10 years of experience in teaching, training and continuing my education. I have transformed many lives through fitness and healthy lifestyle changes.
Outside of the gym, I am a drummer at my church, a husband of 10 years to my beautiful wife Rachel and a father of two wonderful children Tyson & Amyah. Somewhere along the way, I wanted to be an “example” in health and fitness, and thanks to my background in fitness, I started helping people with their fitness goals. As my interest in fitness, and business demands grew, my goal became finding a way to fuse my two passions – the local church and fitness. It’s been an amazing journey and well worth the sacrifices made. Plus, WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED!
I use my background to educate and motivate people towards a healthier life, one that embraces movement and getting a handle on their nutrition. I use my knowledge of fitness, plus my years in helping clients, to help them become the best version of themselves while highly enforcing the “example way.”

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Veronica Davids


Training isn’t just a job for me, it is a personal way of life. Training is my fun time, my motivatal time and helthy me time and my hobby. I want to share my passion with you and want you to feel the best about yourself that you possibly can. My main goal is your goal, your stresses are my stresses, I’m here for you on a personal basis beyond that of just your “trainer”. From HIIT to teaching you the basics, you can reach where you want to be and enjoy doing it. As a mother, I totally understand the hectic’s of life. From football to school activities and just enjoying the company of my boys, I know it can be hard to find scheduling for “YOU” time or even thinking of your own health and fitness. Allow me to help you with your YOU time and take some pressure from your daily grind. I promise, when you train with me, we will be training together so you’ll never feel alone.