Become a Trainer With Streamline Fitness!

If Your a Seasoned Trainer of Just Starting Out, if You Have the Personality, We Want You!
Being a trainer at Streamline Fitness means one thing, and one thing only. That you are truly a great trainer! Representing Streamline as a trainer, instructor or coach is only for those who have high energy, a wonderful personality, high integrity and able to work among peers.
You are able to handle not just training people, but are able to connect with them on a level that most job positions could only dream of doing!
Being a shark doesn’t mean you act like one at Streamline Fitness, it means you act and teach others what it means to be strong, mind, body and soul!
If your ready to see what it takes, try on Streamline Fitness for a week with your clients and see if the facility is a good fit for you. Rent is $200 a month capped and is the lowest you’ll find. Why so low? We work as a team at Streamline and in working as a team, we shouldn’t have to worry about that next dollar and where it’s going to come from. All trainers help one another as we recommend clients that fit each trainer best as well as collectively finding our own personal clients.
If you have questions, please ask! We are here to help.